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York-Shipley products have been successfully installed and are operating in a variety of industrial processes and comfort heat applications in over 60 countries worldwide.

York-Shipley was at the forefront of the packaged fire-tube boiler concept, which quickly became the industry standard. A complete line of auxiliary equipment was added, thus becoming the first totally integrated boiler systems provider. Today, York-Shipley Global is furthering these innovations through research and product development and market responsiveness.

Boiler Burner Technology

  • Firetube boilers 25 - 1,200 hp
  • Replacement Burners 293,000 - 92,000,000 BTUs/hr

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AESYS Technologies, LLC
693 North Hills Road
York PA USA 17402-2212
Phone: 1-717-755-1081
Fax: 1-717-755-0020

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Source: York-Shipley web site 5/2003


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